Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Celebrations and Picnics!

Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad!

My parents celebrated their 42nd Anniversary on November 12th. They celebrated together earlier in the week. Then, my dad (all on his own :-)) planned a family night on their anniversary, as a surprise to my mom. We had such a sweet time with them. These two have been such a great example to Cory and I in our own marriage. We love you Mom and Dad!

Fast forward to today...

Ellie's preschool had a Thanksgiving picnic. They moved it inside because of the cold weather. Ok... I hear you northerners laughing :-) Ellie was so excited to have me at her school to have lunch. She also thought it was so fun to have lunch with her friends. Here are a few pictures (including one with Miss Sarah).

Oh when, oh when... will I ever get a good picture? When we arrived home (after the picnic), I tried to take pictures of the girls. We have one of Ellie smiling and one of Ava and Claire smiling... and a bunch that well... Argh! Now.... for fun, let's play a game, which one is Ava and which one is Claire? No cheating, Cory!

Ava and Claire are 6 months old now. I suppose I will do a separate post on them soon!


Dearest Jessica said...

Soon you will get a good picture, give them until Christmas. If not by then you may just have to trade them in :).

by the way..I have a 50/50 chance off getting this right but Claire is on the left and Ava is on the right, from my angle...or Clair is on the right of Ellie and Ava is on the left of Ellie? Make sence?

Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...

I think the opposite of Jess. I think Claire is on the right and Ava on the left (at least in the 1st 2 pictures - I'm not sure about the last one).

Brittani said...

I think... in the first pic... Ava is on the right & Claire is on the left. Do we win a playdate with the girls if we are right???

Jaime said...

Such a sweet post about your parents (and what a great picture too)!

Adorable poses by your little princesses! And I'm not even going to take a guess on who is who. They are all sweet and precious!!!

Kelly said...

These are too cute! We HAVE to get together soon! I haven't got to spend enought time w/the babies to make an educated guess! But if you are looking to trade them in, I'll take them!

Kelly said...

Oh, my are they just too cute!! I could just pinch those sweet faces!! Love ya.