Friday, November 21, 2008

Better late than never?

This is a very late response to my friend Brittani's tag... these are quite random, as to try not to repeat from answers that at least 10 other friends have filled out.

15 things I'm not afraid to admit (15 things you may not know about me)....

1. My most favorite thing to do is spend time with Cory. I throw a little fit when he leaves for work :-) and I can't wait for him to come back home.

2. I absolutely love "staying home" with my 3 girls!

3. I love rocking chairs! I always want to "steal" the chair that rocks when I am at my home... or anywhere really :-) It is for this reason that I have been afraid of rocking my babies... too much.

4 I am really working on finding sales or just not making purchases that aren't necessary. This is something I haven't always been consistent at doing.

5. I have a hard time falling asleep without Cory. Ha! I guess that would be good thing. This is fresh on my mind since he is away for the weekend.

6. I get frustrated between the hours of 6-7:30ish p.m. (waiting for Cory to get home, babies are fussy, trying to cook, Ellie starting to get tired, etc.)

7. I still love to sleep in, but it very rarely happens.

8. I drive a mini van- and I love it!

9. I almost always change into PJ's when I get home. I have a hard time being comfortable otherwise.

10. I usually stay up way too late at night. This is the only time that I have to read, spend time with Cory (alone), "me" stuff, think, breathe...

11. I am not a pet person-I never really have been. I agree with Amber, " I am Dump truck, I'm disgusting" Our poor kids, no pets.

12. If I don't write it down on a "To Do" list, it is most likely forgotten.

13. If it weren't so expensive and probably unstable, I would travel all the time (with my family of course).

14. I get really annoyed with the, "Mom, find me" game. Especially when it involves destroying my bed after it has already been made. Yes, this just happened.

15. I think this is the first time I have fully completed one of these surveys.

Happy Friday everyone!! Before you go... check out the poll to the left!!


Jen said...

You are so cute Brooke! I loved reading all of your responses. I am the same way about the Mom, find me. Except Andon says "Mom, look at this" about 100 times a day... Very funny!
Miss you so much friend!! Jen

Kelly said...

Love the list!! I make lists too. I attribute it to Mommy brain!!

Brittani said...

Thanks for doing the 15 things! You are awesome! I think that EVERY MOM gets annoyed between the hours of 6-7:30. I would actually say that mine is more like 5-7:30!
PS love the POLL!

Kristen said...

love and miss you...rocking chairs..that makes me think of sitting on your porch at Mahaffey. I wish we could hop in the car and head there right now!:) I'll be up in Orlando for Christmas...with my son!! HOpe we can see each other! xoxo Kris

GREG said...

How dare you slam could only be so lucky to have a dog like him

Amber S. said...

Glad to hear someone agrees with me about Dumptruck! And I do the exact same thing with changing into my pajamas as soon as I walk in the door, which also means that many days I don't get out of them if we aren't leaving the house. :-) Aah, one of the many joys of being a stay at home mom!